Return for refund, unregister

Continuing the discussion from How to unregister WD device: So, any answers on what anyone has ended up doing? I am returning mine back to store… Buggy, nasty piece of work… does not work for me.

Good question. I’m waiting for two questions to be answered relating to various issues (backup to usb and those STUPID LEDs). Unsatisfactory answers to those will quite probably see mine going back in a couple of weeks for the very same reason.

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Oh you haven’t tried FTP and SSH yet…! :slight_smile: It would have been hilarious if isn’t so pathetic.

Well I’ve had my answers :angry:. Next step is to backup my EX2 to a USB drive, then copy all my stuff off the EX2 back to the RAID5 array on my PowerEdge 2800 server. Then wipe the EX2 for going back.

Anyone tried a QNAP TS-253 or other QNAP 2 drive NAS I’ve a TS-453 Pro at work which is the dog’s wotsits, but with 4 x 4GB drives it is over £1K.