Retrieving/reviving lost user library


When trying to speed up my “my cloud” one of the users library got deleted.
I was deleting Username-X and the library attached to that user (an empty test library) but Username-Y got deleted. The data seem still to be on the drive as on the dashboard "music"is still 2.1 TB albeit that the disc use is 180mb . Username,-Y contains 2.1TB data on the drive (180mb is music in public)

How do I re-install the Username-Y data?

Did you try a data recovery application? Some utilities support network resources and the EXT4 file system used by the device.

Hi Trancer,
Yes tried a recovery program.
Unfort the recovery program does not see the my-cloud as it is a network drive.

It cannot be that when u delete a user that the data is also deleted! I mean, no “are you sure” questions at all.