Retrieving data onto restored computer

I backed up my data onto the Passport. I got a virus on my computer and had to clear everything from the hard drive and restore to factory settings to eliminate the virus. Now when I plug in the passport to try to retrieve the files, it only offers me “set-up drive” and “back-up files”, there’s no button for “retrieve a back-up”. When I look at the drive in Windows Explorer it looks like the files are there, but I don’t see how to get them onto the computer. Any thoughts?

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Try Replugging in the drive to the computer with a diffrent cable since.

The restore button will be highligted only if the drive is connected and try using a Diffrent cable this should solve the problem almost

If it is asking for the drivers for the new computer then all that you have to do is

Try download the file called “USBSTOR.sys” from or .

After you download the file extact the file to the system 32 folder in windows

This will install the driver for the drive.


Seams like you have a fresh copy of windows on your computer.

Hey…, clcik on “setup drive” and follow the onscreen setup, You need to install the software and then you can retrive the data…!

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Thanks for your thoughts. bluejack had it right, I had to install the software from the virtual CD. “Set-up drive” kindo fscared me, I was afraid it was going to reinitialize the drive and destroy all my files.

Once I did that it worked fine, all my files are back.

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Could someone give me better direction?

“I had to install the software from the virtual CD.” where is this at? online?

Now it’s been so long, I’m not sure, but I think the Virtual CD is on the Passport in a separate virtual drive or partition. Maybe you can see it if you go to My Computer. Sorry I can’t remember better.