Retrieved files cannot be accessed

After my previous laptop running Windows 7 stopped working I restored my files from my WD Passport Essential to my new laptop running Windows 10. All my files where restored to a Retrieved Contents folder but when trying to open them I get a message stating user does not have access privileges. Can anyone please help, my computer tech knowledge is not good


It sounds like you need to take “ownership” of the files/folders.

Take a look at this link for more information.

I am having the same problem. I looked at the link, but it doesn’t help much. I need to take ownership of the entire C drive, or else I have to go to each individual folder and perform the steps given in that link. That would take hours to do manually. Is there another solution?

Backstory - I installed a new drive and installed Windows 7. From there, I used WD SmartWare for My Book and Retrieved all that was on My Book To Files to the Original Places. After all files were retrieved, I tried opening them and no matter which file type I tried to open, I kept getting ‘user does not have access privileges’.

I didn’t have any success taken ownership. I managed to operate my old laptop in safe mode and manually copied the files onto a USB stick and then onto my new laptop. I can now access, backup all files and retrieve them except for Microsoft excel and word files which have been saved on my new laptop operating Windows 10. When I use my Passport Essential it seems to ignore all the excel and word files saved using Windows 10.