Retrieve to Original Location after Restoring Computer to Out-of-the-Box State?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to restore my computer after a pretty bad crash.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P750 running Windows 7. I used the Toshiba Wizard to  restore my laptop to out-of-the-box state.

Despite the fact that it’s the same laptop, I made no hardware changes, and I gave my computer exactly the same name, my WD Passport  thinks I’m trying to retrieve files to a different computer than the one I backed up.

How can I make my Passport realize it’s the same computer and put everything back?

Thanks for any help!


Hi kawiah, if you reinstalled the OS, Smartware will recognized it as another PC. You need to select the option to restore to a single location and then manually move the folders to where you want to have them.