Retrieve tab

When I go to the retrieve tab after backing up my files in an attempt to retrieve a file after clicking on the retrieve tab   the message " from thelist on the right select the volume to retrieve file or files appears"  unfortunately there are no volumes listed on thr right. Is this normal and if so how do I retrieve the files if I cannot select a volume to do so.

Is this another bug in the WD 

essential  drive?

any and all help would be greatly apprciated

Hi there!!

If I were you, I’d update Smartware (Only Smartware, NOT the drive firmware) to version and let RUN ANOTHER BACKUP.

After the new backup is completed, you’ll see that your drive now has a folder called “smartware.swstor” with all of your data ready to be copied to your computer.

Hope it helps :smiley:

A friend of mine has the same issue.  His software is up to to previously stated version and I can see the smartware.swstor file, but when he clicks on the Retrieve tab nothing is listed to restore.

I can see 40G of information is on the drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.