Retrieve data after a power outage

Hi All,

I recently had a power blackout, afterwards I was unable to boot into windows xp as it gets stuck on the loading screen. Safe mode loads about 50% and hangs and I cannot boot from a win xp or unbuntu live cd. I plugged my WD green 640gb into a laptop using a internal hdd cradle. The disk is not visible in My Computer and I can’t see it in Disk Management. I can see the drive in Device Manager however.

I’m suspecting a corrupt MBR, can anyone give advice on any programs I could use to recover the data on this disk?


maybe recuva? easy and simple  

normaly it works for me… but you could try to fix the mbr first

if you think that is the mbr search on google fix mbr windows xp and see what you can find before… if you can recover the data normaly is better than using any recover software

normaly it scrambles some filenames

Recuva seems to be for deleted files, it will probably not work as the drive isn’t visible.

The only way I’m familiar with to repair the MBR is in the xp recovery console, as I mentioned before I can’t boot off the windows xp cd and I get a kernal panic trying to boot off the latest ubuntu live cd.

lets see if anyone can help you better then :confused:

AISI, if Windows XP starts to load, then the MBR must be OK. Sometimes you may be able to see a corrupted file system if you boot from a Ubuntu Live CD.