Retrieve - can't see Volumes to retrieve on Retrieve tab

I moved my My Passport Essential 300 Gb from the Desktop PC that died to my Laptop to try to retrieve files the Desktop’s files. The Laptop Smartware software shows this Passport drive on the Home tab with other info such serial number, firmware (2018), etc but does not show the “categories” in the bar chart (except Additional Files 18.8 GB). When clicking on the Retrieve tab, there are no volumes in the list to choose to retrieve from.  I have used Windows file manager (Windows Explorer) and can see many folders with names like 1a98eedddac145809dfa19.

Other info:

This laptop is backed up to a Passport Essential (500Gb) and the Retrieve tab works fine.

Using Smartware ver 1.6.0.

Thank you for any advice.

Open the drive on computer and look for the files on the smartware_stor folder

Thank you for responding,.  I do not see a folder called smartware_stor.  I opened the drive using Explorer file manager.  There are dozens of folders with long alpha numeric names, and one folder named WD_Smartware with more alpha numerics under it.  Any thing else that I can do?  Thanks.