Retrieve backed up files to a different pc

If I lose my current system and want to retrieve my backed up files to a new machine, what do I do? It’s been a while since I installed this drive - I don’t see any Western Digital cd with software on it in my file of installation cd’s so I assume that plugging it in to the new machine will give me the installation routine there. Can someone confirm that please. Thank you.

no problem dude…

just connect the drive and install Smartware ( if that what you used for backup )

once Smartware installed you can retrieve the files to a retrieve content folder.

You also have the ability to retrieve the files manually without any software installation

connect the drive to your computer and open the folder smartware.stor that has all your files ,  drag and drop/ copy and paste 

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Excellent answer - one last thing tho - the software is on the WD drive, right?? As I said, I don’t have a cd with WD software in my collection. Anyway, appreciate your input. Thanks.


The Smartware software comes on the drive…  the drive does not come with a CD

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