Resuming playback from the playlist

Is it possible to resume playback from the playlist?

What I mean is

I have a playlilst of some TV episodes, I can play them ok, when I want to stop I hit the Pause button, then I can turn the unit and the TV off, I can them come back to it at a later date,


to pick up where I left off, I have to remember the episode I was watching,

drill down to that episode

hit the play button, I then get the option to start again or resume that episode, and then it carries on as normal.

My question is, can I resume from that particular episode just from hitting the play button once I have selected the playlist?

hope this made sense

thanks in advance

Yeah, that makes sense.

But, no, there’s no resume for the playlist itself.   There is only resume for the files within the playlist.

If that functionality is really important to you, you could just concatenate all the episodes together into one large file (and perhaps put Chapter markers at the beginning of each episode).   :slight_smile: