Restricting Access to Hub

This might be answered somewhere else, but I have searched and not found it (or not understood what I did find, maybe).

My hub is connected to a swich via ethernet cable.  That switch is connected to the rest of my network, which includes other switches, WD TV Live device, and various computers, etc.

The hub has video content on its built-in drive and also on an attached drive.  I can manage this content from my Windows 7 PC, which is great.  The PC sees both drives and treats them like any other hard drive.

My problem is that other people can also manage this content from THEIR PCs.  Right now, anyone on the network can access the hub and its drives and monkey around with them.  I don’t trust everyone on the network not to delete stuff, introduce viruses, etc.

So, is there any way to restrict access to the hub via password on the network?  I can’t seem to find a setting for this.

Yes, when you enable the SHARE server (in the network setup) you can add device security options to set a username & password.