Restoring the WD Software and Disk Image

I was directed to Answer ID 7 to find out how to restore the WD Software and Disk Image on a erased drive. I cannot find that answer. My external drive purchased a little over a month ago would not work with the WD Easystore software (which is up to date). I erased the data on the external drive to start clean. However, the instructions say to restore the WD Software and Disk Image by reading Answer ID 7, which is no where to be found. Right now I have a new disk that will not work.

Click Knowledge Base t the top of the window and search for ID 7.


That’s the first thing that I tried. ID 7 is not in the results nor is anything else that is remotely on topic.

Yes, you are right. I guess it should say “ID 7 Not found” or similar.

Did you try Downloads for the software you are looking for? WD Utilities download should provide what you need. What type of drive are you using?

You may have to go to SUPPORT and submit a case.