Restoring files to a new computer

Firstly my abject apologies for something that I’m sure is literally so simple to achieve.  Embarrassing!  I’ve tried the search option but surprise, surprise nothing obvious comes up.

My original computer had provision for a physical connection to a router, but the new router supplied when I moved is WiFi.  So I’m now using my son-in-law’s ‘old’ computer with WiFi connectivity.  All I’m attempting to do is load my original documents and pictures backed up and stored on the WD portable hard drive onto this current PC.

My Passport’s showing as a drive on the ‘My Computer’ screen, but within it I can’t see/view any data files.

Could someone please help a ‘dummy’ and explain the steps I have to go through to load that old data onto this current PC?

Many Thanks in advance.


If you used the software that comes with the drive, there is a folder  Smartware_stor that holds the files

if you use Windows backup, you will use the same application to restore the files

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Many Thanks Wizer, I’ll give that a try.