Restoring Data From Passport

I bought this drive for the purposes of backing up my laptop.  I proceeded under the notion that by using WD Sync, I was backing up the data.  I was backing up 50 gb of information from my laptop and by using WD Sync, 50 gb of information was transferred to the external drive.

Well my laptop crapped out on me and with the newly purchased laptop, I am trying to restore the files backed up on the external drive.  I thought that WD Sync would serve to do this but now doing some internet research, WD Sync is not to be used to back up files.

What are my options?  I am able to access the files on the hard drive but they appear to not be in their native format.  I tried restoring through Norton 360 but doesnt appear to be compatible.  

Any information would be helpful…thanks

Hi Jackets13,

WD Sync encrypts data, so the only way you are able to restore the info is within WD Sync.

You should have the WD Sync software icon on the drive, if not, just download it from

Check this article, it might help you out.

How to restore WD Sync files