Restore VMware VMX


Is there a way to restore only the .VMX file of a virtual machine with Arkeia vStorage agent?

It looks like I can only restore the complete virtual machine. Option would be to restore the Virtual Machine with another name, but some of our VM’s are too large just to create a copy for that.


Jos Rossiau


Yes there is:

* mkdir /home/restore
* go to the restore screen in the WebUI

* select “Restore Files, system info and database” (1st option)

* click next

* use the restore navigator and drill down until you file the VM files to recover.

* select the file

* click the “Redirection” tab in the restore screen

* use the drop down menu to populate the FROM option

* use the drop down menu to populate the TO option


* modify the TO option and replace  !vStorage:/path/to your VM/file



Click Restore and the .vmdk file will be recovered to /home/restore/VMDK-FILE.txt

Or you can select the entire VM and restore all the contents to /home/restore/

Hi rossiauj

You can go in “Restore VMware virtual machines”, select the virtual machine to restore and in the next step, unselect the virtual hard disks that you don’t want to restore.

In the following screen, you can also rename the restored virtual machine.

Hope this helps.