Restore Thunderbolt Duo icon - Mac


Have any of you found the thunderbolt Duo icon on the WD website? I can find all other product icons but after RAID setup I would like to restore the old look in the finder with the Get Info tool and replacing the generic orange Thunderbolt icon. I assume you can do this on a RAID as well? Running Mountain Lion.


Don’t know a lot about Macs, when you say that you can find all of the other product icons, what do you mean. 


If you right click the drive after RAID 1 setup on a mac, the drive displays itself as a generic thunderbolt drive in the finder. (Sort of like the explorer menu)  

The way to change this easily on a mac is to right click the drive and paste the Thunderbolt duo Icon in the GUI box. This is more of a visual thing so I can keep track of my hard drives instead of remembering names.

For some reason this newer external drive does not have the updated icon zip file package available for download.

I found the following under support but not what I’m looking for: