Restore the simultanious deletion facility as an option

This is a new/old “idea”. Formerly, with WD external backup units using Memeo software, there was an option to simultaneously delete a backed-up file when it was deleted on the computer internal hard drive.  This was very convenient, and intelligent, in that once a file(s) has been created, then deleted, it spared the user from having to go into the backup folder and delete it there, as well.  However … WD has seen fit not to include this vital option with their newer Smartware software - which would be lots smarter(ware) if that option was available once again. (Some things seem to go from good to worse. This seems to be a universal computer software trend nowadays.)

 I am highly recommending to the WD and Smartware engineers to make this simultanious deletion option available again in an emanent forthcoming update.  (I have a brand new WD “My Book” 4tb external backup unit.)  The current necessity of redundant deletions in the computer hard drive as well as the backup drive can be quite time consuming as well as grossly inconvenient.  But why???  For what good purpose is this?  (Rhetorical question, of course.)  

In order not to have to perform a redundant delete in each of the computer as well as the backup drives, a WD technician suggested that I only backup at the end of each day, leaving the unit unplugged during the day while working, then simply plugging the unit back up to the computer when I’m finished with everything and ready for a daily backup. This way, all daily created “temp files”, et al, would not be backed-up. Of course this will work, but it’s so un-necessary to do even this when a simple option for simultaneous deletion (or not) would be infinately the best such as the way it was with the Memeo software.


Thanks heaps!!!    

Idea approved and submitted for voting.