Restore safepoint error 402018


I am trying to retore mycloud form a safepoint. At the last stage, I have an error

Cette opération safepoint n’est pas autorisée. (402018)

That means “This safepoint operation is not authorised. (402018)”.

How can I do to restore the safepoint ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, can you share more information on how did you created the safepoint backup? What firmware version do you have?

Thanks for your reply.

To create the safepoint, I simply connected another WD HD Mybook 1230 to Mycloud and started the procedure.  The firmware is v03.04.01-230.

It was a little difficult to create this safepoint. I had to restart the procedure several times before one is ok.

If the safepoint doesn’t work, you can still copy your files back from the safepoint folders to the shares you have set up on the NAS.

Did you ever resolve this issue? I had a drive replaced, and I am trying to recover a safepoint to the new drive with no luck, same error code as above.

This error happened twice to me so I gave up on the restore functionality.

Disappointed to say the least.
What did you find to be the best way to transfer files. The app will not let me multi select folders so it is very slow & tedious. Did you just use Windows Explorer to drag & drop?

I unplugged the USB drive fron the NAS, plugged it in a computer and copied back to the NAS. THis USB+Ethernet was much faster than copying the data from the USB attached to the NAS (which is a very slow connection).