Restore files to a different target than original

A disc backed up to my cloud has crashed and is no longer visible in WD Smart Ware.

How can I locate the data and restore it to a different disc location

@Peter_Herreaman1 Have you already tried this? Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Hi The disc that needs to be restored is not working and doesn’t appear on the left, I need to get into the files on the my Cloud to copy back to a new location (capacity on another disc) All other discs and partitions show but nothing is there for the faulty file.

I thought when I purchased WD My Cloud I was purchasing something to protect me when some disaster struck and data was lost, not just missing or deleted fioles

To restore files from Smartware you would need to reinstall the computer operating system on the new hard drive, then install Smartware, then instruct Smartware to “restore” the backed up files to the new hard drive. The following WD Knowledgebase link explains in general terms how to use Smartware to restore content backed up by Smartware.