Restore disk in windows 7 machine after boot manager failure

I have a 1TB carviar black in my windows 7 64-bit machine and have experienced a boot manager failure after demoing ubuntu.  I have spent a couple of days trying to recover and would now like to do a clean install, but I can’t get my drive back to the factory new conditon.  I’ve tried running the tools that I can download from WD, but am told that they are incompatible with the version of widnows that I have - I can only boot to a windows repair window and then to a command prompt - can anyone tell me how to get a WD utility that I can run from command prompt onto my USB drive?

ok  this might help you i had the same problem (but mine is the wd10ears terrabyte green) i downloded the data lifeguard for dos (cd) burnt it to a cd and booted from it and did a lowlevel format (it took 3hrs 20mins) and then put it ina hdd caddy (external case) conencted it to my pc , windows 7 saw the hdd but i had to go to manage/storage/disk management and format as simple drive and assing it a letter (f to z will do).its a mess on but atleast ive got my 1 terrabyte back and working… please ensure that you only have the wd hard drive connected to pc via sata cable to ensure you dont accidently format the wrong hd even thought the menu only works with wd hard drives

DLG Diag / tools 5.04f (bootable CD) does not support newer sata chipsets

DLG Diag / tools 5.19 is supposed to, but they only have it avaliable for download for the floppy edition…

there really is no need to “low level format” a drive unless you are having difficulty with it.

you probably only had a problem with the win7 boot manager / windows booting b/c the ubuntu one changed the MBR (master boot record) then uninstalling / removing ubuntu did not reset the MBR to pre-ubuntu mode.