After every 5 to 10 minutes my Book restarted and send me below error via email.

"System had abnormal shutdown last time. on Monday June 11 12:00:00 PKT 2012 "

I checked the log of device it is just showing abnormal shutdown.



This only happened once? 

Will the NAS that you have restart is the network cable is disconnected?  (When the network cable is disconnected I believe the LED will show red.)

This happens to me 10 or 15 times a day and I have checked everything.

This is not uncommon either because I have two friends who have the same problem but did not notice it until I asked about it, since they were not getting emails. The drives work great other than this problem and I probably would not have noticed if it weren’t for the emails. It never seems to happen during a data transfer.

Have you found anything out on it? The drive might not last long doing this.


Download the log files and carefully look through them. Perfonally I would back-up all the data on your MBL and begin an RMA. Could be an intermettent electonics issue.