**RESOLVED** Cannot remove thumbnails of deleted photos or videos on OS5

When OS5 was introduced, I mistakenly left my WD Passport which contains thousands of photos and videos that were in need of editing plugged into my EX2 Ultra at the time of upgrade and indexing. Well, it indexed several thousand once I realized it was indexing the attached drive. I powered the EX2 down, unplugged the Passport and restarted. Index was successful, however now using the OS5 app for iPhone and iPad AND the OS5 web access, those several thousand photos/videos from the Passport drive still show in the PHOTOS tab of both the apps and web version. On the web version I try to delete, it says 0 Files Not Deleted, the videos will not play, so appears they do not exist however the thumbnails will NOT go away, making the app and web access useless. I have shutdown, rebooted, and re-indexed two times (5 days each) and zero change. Any ideas how to get rid of those thumbnails? Thank you.


  1. Connect your My Passport drive
  2. Go to Shares and select the My Passport drive
  3. Turn off “Mobile & Web Cloud Access”

The content in the Web and Mobile app Photo’s tab will be purged within a an hour or so.

Thank you very much for the reply. I will give it a try.

UPDATE/RESOLVED Thank you @SBrown, your instructions worked perfectly, truly appreciated.