Resolution problem on Philips lcd TV

Hi All,

I’ve a Philips TV LCD - 32PF9531/10. It’s a HD Ready TV. I’ve connected the WD TV HD (gen 2) with Firmware 1.01.77 with a HDMI cable but the screen resolution is always 480p.If I set the resolution manually in 720p when I apply the setting the resolution on TV is always 480p.

Can You help me?


Good day,

I seem to have the same problem with a LG screen. I have WD TV HD Player with version 1 and that works great with Full HD on this LG screen. Then I bought three more in version 2 and the display will only show  a resolution 720 X 420 even thought the footage is in HD and display resolution is set for 1080i 50Hz. I have a feeling, that after reading some other discussons, that version 2 is not yet up to speed. I still have a few more days before I can return these players, so I hope some comes back with a solution otherwise I will seek a other player by an other brand.