Reset wdlive tv streaming

Can anyone please help need to reset above wdtv box back to factory setings.Have tried up down arrow but is not working what am i doing wrong please   ty

Reset button the box itself. After it boots, press it for just a second or two.

ty for info but i cant see one to resett i did look on the wd site and it shows how to resett via pressing the up and down arrow that should give an option screen but it does  nothing on this box ty again…

kevsan wrote:

it shows how to resett via pressing the up and down arrow that should give an option screen

Huh?  Where are you seeing that?

There is a RESET Button (actual button on the unit itself) that can be pressed with a stylus or paperclip (as described above)

Or you can reset by going to 


via the main menu.

Never heard of this “Press up and down down arrow that should give an option screen.”

Ty for the reply…On pressing set up and entering system all it shows is set time and country   next is Media library   next   get content info   next   meta source  manager   next   device security …nothing that says device reset can you help further please

Keep scrolling down.

Ty for the help you have given me took box off of the back of the tv now i can see the reset button underneath the unit will connect box back up in the morning and try one at a time the solutions you gave me.I did not think to scrolling down.

The main reason i need to reset back to factory is that when i try to conect to my computor it asks me for a password ???.I put in all the passwords that i use and it would not conect.Will let you know how i get on and again thank you for your time and help.kev

How are you connecting to your PC when it asks for your password? If you get a screen with some details already filled in have you tried connecting with that information and not filling anything else in.

Hi.Have reset box twice to factory reset via device reset in the menu and the button underneath the unit tho both times it did not fully restore as in it still kept my router connection and connected to the internet no problem.the box also retained its latest firmware upgrade.I still cant pair the laptop to the wdtvlive.

I have windows 7 x64 bit home edition and in network share all devices are visible and allowed shareing is turned on.In network when i click on wdlivetv icon it takes me to a log in page and askes for a password ?.the password i used when i first connected to this i have tried with and without caps lock on to no avail.the wd box in windows share is connect to my pc and shows this is shared with power dvd latest edition.I seem to be doing something wrong but i do not know what how am i to connect laptop to wdtv unit to stream fom laptop.

I did hope that as i live in Greece but from uk i could get to play direct from the wdtv unit but this i cant do eithere. Anymore help from you i would appreciate Many Thanks Kev