Reset WD Readyview system

We just moved into our new home and the old owners left a WD Readyview surveillance system behind. We got in contact with them, and they said they never had to log in because they never went back to look at past footage(:roll_eyes: chances are they just don’t want us knowing their password, and I understand that). While I’ve tried to research the process to reset this system, I have not had any luck. I do not care to have access to any past footage. I would just like to be able to start from scratch and create a new profile and be able to monitor remotely. Thanks in advance.



I believe you have to go through support.


You can try accessing the NVR via a HDMI Cable plugged into a monitor and mouse and try the default password “Readyview123” username is “admin”

I was hoping this would work when I first found this option yesterday. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work.