Reset Password link in email gives error

I am trying to reset the password for an account that uses the same e-mail as my CREW account. When I click on the link provided in the reset e-mail the following error is received under the submit button.
“Root element is missing.Alias: data value too large: pyscho2day (max length=8)”

If I fill out the 3 fields I then get an error saying “INVALID_ID_FIELD: invalid userId”

Do I need to call support to resolve this?

Hi @Richard_Estes ,

I’m sorry your having trouble resetting your password. Could you let me know what page you are going to to reset the password so we can investigate this? Screenshots would be very helpful as well (you can paste them directly into your response).

Also - could you try resetting using: - this is our new password reset page - it was built for the community, but should reset any WD Support Portal account.

The page that i am using is the same as the one you provided. I enter in my e-mail and click submit. I then receive and e-mail that has a temporary password and a link to the reset page. When i click on the link the following page is what is displayed. It could be that I never fully activated the account for that e-mail.

Hi @Richard_Estes - I just received word from one of our developers that they found the problem and believe the issue is resolved. Could you try one more time and let us know the results?

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That worked. Thank you very much.

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