Reset MyBookLive

Could someone tell me how to reset the password for MyBookLive?

And don’t say push the reset…That doesn’t work!!!

Also powering it down won’t do it!

I have tried everything listed in this forum regarding this problem…None work!!!

I can access all my files via windows file manager or iMac’s finder, but I can not access any WD dashboard features, or upgrade anything on the unit it self from windows any more!

Neither iMac or W7(64), both are physically hardwire connected to the cablemodem router combo as the drive has been since original install…

The drive works just fine as it has since installation, but I suspect it may be fragmented, since it seems to be slowing down during some file accesses… According to Finder the drive is only at 300 gig capacity of the 1 tb…

The iMac does use it for timemach backups without any problems…

I used to be able to access the dashboard with the Windows, now I still can get to the login screen but no passwords are accepted… Even the pw:admin - after numerous resets…Never shows the user just asks for a password. None are accepted!

And yes I was able to access it via network before with windows…

After initial device install I had not gone back to the dashboard for quite some time (actually since it’s original installation), since I didn’t really need to make any changes… Just decided to launch the dashboard and see if their were any necessary or critical updates…

Any fresh ideas???



No username was ever required, just a password.  If you already tried to reset it, by holding its reset button for 4 seconds, and the password did not revert to admin, did you tried from different computers and using different browsers?  If you have the same results I think you may have the drive replaced.  

You may do a manual backup of your files on the MBL and contact WD for a replacement.