Reset (format?) single bay WD MyCloud Home

What’s the best way to reset (format) a WD MyCloud Home that been gathering dust in a closet for at least 2 years?

The dust is cleaned but I’d like to set it back up as if it just came out of the delivery box. No passwords etc are known, so I do need to treat it as brand-new.

In advance, thanks!

In the manual, look for hard reset. You need to push the reset button long enough not to do a soft reset.

It will need to update to the latest version. You were lucky enough not to go through all the pain we all suffered during the two last years, especially last summer. You may wanna hard reset it after it updated to make a clean install from the latest firmware. See here for release notes:

But in the end, you will not find a more capable product. The software remains very limited. So you might find yourself putting it back into the closet. The only major feature added is read/write integration to iOS Files, if you are an iOS user.

OK. Reset pressed for 60 seconds and the thin white horizontal light is flashing . . . . . and has been for 2+ hours. Is this normal or do I have a “run-away” condition?

Did you read the manual to make sure you were doing it properly?

My Cloud Home & My Cloud Home Duo user manual.
Page 6. Table 1.4. Third cell (bottom).
Reset Button Function. Press and hold for 60 seconds. Will need to be set up using your online account.

On line account (mobile app) searched for unit and did not find unit.

OK. Update. Pulled the power plug and reconnected unit after 60 seconds. To make a long story short the unit is seen by my iMac and the Time Machine is visible like before. (Time Machine data is 1-2 years old).

So I’m back to square 1 as I still want to reset/format the unit.

Not in a hurry to do anything as I consider myself lucky to get a normal restart.

If you log into it through WD Discovery on Desktop ou My Cloud Home on iOS or Android you will get an option to erase it all.
But hard reset remains an option.