Reset Drive Settings - no spinup after Raid Controller configuration

Hi following happens.

  1. Connected 8x wuh721818ale6l4 drives to a highpoint raid controller 3720A with sata 2x SFF-8643 adapter cables + 8x normal 4pin “molex to sata” power adapter cables … everything was running fine.
  2. did some test and benchmarks
  3. Modified the spinup settings on the raidf controllers config management page ( staggered spinnup).
  4. After a reboot no drive was spinning up anymore.
  5. put the 8 drives in a backplane - no spinup
  6. connected a drive only to sata power ( another machine ) - no spinup
  7. put one of the drives into a usb 3.0 enclosure - spinup working fine
  8. have taken a new selaed drive connected it to a sata power cable - working fine

conclusion: the raid controller modified some power settings on the drives controller.

how can i undo this ??

i have to put every single drive to a usb 3.0 enclosure an need some hgst or wd software to reset the drives power settings and fix this problem…

Thank you