Reset Button Does Not Work ?!

OK NOW what gives … ?

I am really trying to figure out this networking issue and going through steps left and right as I see them posted.

I tried resetting the unit and guess what … doesnt work ! What the **bleep** man. One thing after another. It’s as simple as using a paper clip and pushing the button. So how can a button stop working ? I have never used the button before and now I find out it’s useless ?

I press and hold for 5sec (not too long as I do not want to change from NTSC to PAL) and the unit does not reboot. No changes are made. I even shut off the unit and started it up again and still the same settings so this ‘hard reset’ does not work. I can reset in settings menu but a hard reset has been told time and time again over menu reset.

Worst product I have bought in years. This is just rediculous now.

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The reset button and menu reset do the same thing.

First … Then why do so many here tell others to use the ‘hard reset’ when told the menu reset was used ? If it does the same thing then maybe people around here should stop telling others to do as if there is a difference.

Second … Doesn’t exclude the fact that my reset button doesn’t work.

This thing was really good once and now it’s turning into one big pile of **bleep**.

Next thing I’ll find is my external HDD wont be found then I’ll end up with a completely useless product … Can’t wait !

The real point is did the reset do any good. As to the button, of course it can stop working, buttons are not exempt from failing or maybe in your case never working in the first place. The fact is that we are just users and quite honestly nobody knows what the difference is between the button reset and the menu reset. They both appear to do the same thing however perhaps some people may believe that if one does not work then you have nothing to lose by trying the other. You have to remember that if the player goes wrong there is little the average user can do about other than resetting the player. Its worth doing that before sending it back or throwing it in the rubbish bin.

I assume from what you wrote that you let the player fully boot up before pressing the reset button, it normally reboots / resets when you release the button. I also assume that you definitely know that the button was pressed in.

There have been a few scattered reports in all the device forums of the buttons not even BEING there (solder breaking and the button falling into the case) etc.   So if you feel the subtle click, it’s pressed.   If not, then – not.  :)

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Well then I guess my button never worked. What a shame … :confounded:

I pressed the button in with a paper clip and felt it click, but nothing. No reboot what so ever. Screen stayed the same and it was fully booted up before pressing the button. Not real worried about the button anymore I guess since it probably wouldn’t help anyway. Resetting in the menu has done nothing so not sure why I expected a hard reset to do anything.

Such a shame to read that people pay good money for something that doesn’t even work in the first place (reset button you mention)

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