Reset button => delete only configuration but not all data?


After a problem on my router and his replacement, I can’t access my MBWE.

My disk is not visible from all Windows computers. Disk’s LED indicator is not failed. In my router, I don’t see it on IP status…

So last solution is the reset button (back of the unit) in order to restore configuration settings => default user/pwd and network mode and IP.

But before to doing that, i want to be sure… :

  • the reset button don’t DELETE all data on my MBWE ?

  • after this reset, default network mode is DHCP client ? 

Thanks for your help,



The reset button on the back WON’T erase the data, it will just clear the IP address, set the drive back to DHCP and change the default username and password back to “admin”. So you’re safe :wink: