Rescan media library for network share not working

Hi All

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that even though my WDTV Live SMP is set to rescan every day it doesn’t actually pick up new content.

So when I go into system-> Media Library setup-Media Library manager for network share it shows:

set auto scan schedule = Once a day

and the one and only network share added is Sully/Mulitmedia which contains a subset of folders for TV Shows, music, pictures and movies…

If i add a new movies or tv show etc into the folders and leave it for a few days it doesnt seem to get picked up even though the "Media Library manager for network share " screen shows it was rescanned that day.

to get a movie added and content scraped for it I have to click the semi circle refresh icon beside the network share 3 times before it actually starts a manually forced rescan to pick up the additions.

I have left it 7 days worth of auto rescans and it still didnt pick up the new avi file before took the steps above to force it to be picke dup

I am using  v1.07.15 firmware

Has anybody else experienced this issue?

You may try a Reset, by the System menu, or by holding its reset button fot 1 second.