Requesting Help to Access Contents of 4TB G-Drive on Windows 7 64-bit



I am trying to view the contents of a 4TB USB G-Drive on my Windows 7 64-bit desktop. Although it connects properly and seems to be visible in Disk Management, there is no folder to open. I cannot format this drive for Windows because it already has a lot of stuff on it which I need access to.

Is there any way of configuring it so I can start using it on Windows 7?

Thanks in advance, Matt


All G-Tech products are formatted for Mac only out of the box. This means they are not readable on Windows without a format.

In your case since you have data you can install software on your Windows PC that will allow it to read a Mac formatted drive.

We would recommend Paragon HFS+ for Windows. They have a 10 day free trial which should be more than enough time to access the data and transfer it elsewhere.