Request for Information

Okay, so here’s my original question to support:

I have a couple dead hard drives. I’m actually dis**bleep**embling them for use in photography (the platters).

I wanted to know the actual measured diameters of the platter - the platter, and the hole in the center.

If you could provide those dimensions it’d be wonderful.

I attached a pic of the platter for clarification.

Here’s my response. 

You’ll note the indication is that they have no useful information on the internal components of the drive. 

So, for clarification, I took apart several dead 3-1/2" hard drives (long dead and defunct).  The platters are ALL the same size.  I don’t have calipers to measure the diameter of the spindle hole in the center of the platter, and the size is important as I’m using them to create a kind of diffuser for photography (the platters are EXTREMELY reflective).

If anyone has the information (as to the diameter of the center hole for say, a 40 gig WD hard drive platter), I’d GREATLY appreciate it. 


More information below:


BAWrites, have you been able to obtain the requested information?