Replacing the EX2 Ultra / Using existing disks

can I simply by a new empty EX2 Ultra , put the old disks in and restart the new unit?


Yes, but all data will be erased

Is that a joke?

What is the procedure to proceed using the WD disks?

Or is that a security reason, that stolen disks cannot be reused?

I would say that makes no sense, because a thief would not disassemble the disks…

If the disks came from another EX2; you probably can reuse the disks, with all data intact.

Before you remove disks from the old EX2; make a note which bay the drive came out from. Make a backup if you can.

Once you place the disks in the new EX2 - - > you go into the “raid settings” on the New NAS dashboard. You should be able to import the “volume” using the “Raid Roaming” function.

Actually, this should work with any OS/5 dual drive WD NAS units.

might also do the save/backup configurations in the menu option.

I took pictures of all my setting and the setting of any used apps ( like the USB Backup app )
and a full backup of all data using that app.

but had no problem re-using the old disks in a second EX2 ultra