Replacing My Book Live with EX4

I purchased a 2TB My Book Live not that long ago and I’ve been filling it up a lot faster then I thought I would. I decided instead of running two My Book Lives on the same network I would replace what I have with an EX4 since I can add storage to it in the future.

So my question…

What is the easiest way to offload the data from the My Book Live (at this time 1.3TB) onto the new EX4? I am fairly new to the NAS world (The MBL was my first) and the only method I know is to map both the MBL and EX4 in windows and copy. I have a feeling this is not the best method.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

I would think a transfer from the usb ports on teh EX4, but i’m not toally familiar witht eh My Book Live.

You can enable FTP on the MBL, then use the FTP app on the EX4 to copy the files from the MBL to the EX4.

That is awesome and amazing. I was worried it would be some drawn out process and since I haven’t purchased the EX4 yet I was not sure. 

Thank you

Just be cautious not to transfer too large a data volume via the ftp method.

I had problems when attempting that and there was no way to monitor it because dashboard kept crashing with 500 error and since currently there is NO way to restart the http server to regain access to dashboard, only thing I could do was to power down and restart the device causing the ftp copy to go down with it as well.

Not pretty when you have no idea how much, if any, of the data made it into the target device.

I agree

I used a cloning software to mount my source data and destination share and use it to control  & log the data. 

Even if it crashed it could easily re-start again at the correct file.

It’s been will documented the USB share backup and FTP functions on the dashboard lack polish 

I haven’t seen that issue.

I’ve copied 2TB of data using the FTP app to the EX4 (multiple times) without any issues.

And you should be able to tell what has been copied from Windows by opening the share in Explorer.  You should actually be able to see how much of each file has been copied over by monitoring it in Explorer. as the file is copied the file size should get larger.