Replacing HDD on MyBook World (White Ligth)

Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the 1Tb drive (WD10EAVS) (failed) that comes with the package (8mb sata) with a new 1Tb (WD10EARS) (64mb sata)?!

The 8Mb drive seems hard to get and are expensive nowadays. The 64Mb drive is much cheaper…

Hi there,

I guess you have a My Book World Edition 2 and I also assume that you’re trying to replace one the drives that failed within your RAID configuration. If that is the case, you will need to replace the drive with the same model and specs as the original one. This is required by the RAID array.

And just in case,  no you cannot replace both drives with WD10EARS as the drive’s OS comes bundled with the original drive.

Hope it helps, and be sure to repy if you have further questions.

Hi! And thanx for your response…

You are right. That is my intetion.

Since one of my drives have failed I need to put another one in for rebuilding the raid 1.

Problem is that the WD10EAVS version doesn’t seem to be avaliable anymore.

On Superwarehouse (

they are suggesting the WD10EARS version instead.

They are what I understand the same exept for the cache memory.

Otherwise I can throw away the whole cabinet when the second drive dies… :frowning:


It might work, but I do recommend you purchase the same drive. You can call the WD Online Store to see if they have the same drive available. 

Also, is your drive under warranty?. If so, WD can replace the defective drive for you. That will be even better. Click on the link below for more info on how to get in touch with WD:

Well, the first disk failed in january and the second one in march. I can only get one on RMA per year so that won’t work. The sad thing is that the 8 mb cache version isn’t avaliable anymore. Not even in the WD store and eventhough they are still selling the MyBookWorld… It’s like selling a car, but no spare parts avaliable. :frowning:

Next time I will NOT buy an WD solution, that’s for sure…

Do you know if it works with another manufacturers drive with the correct specifications?

they are the worst in india, do not BUY,



Well I don’t really agree…

First I had the Blue Rings 1TB version and when that failed, I got a new one through RMA and then

it was a 2 TB White Light version. And they upgraded it for free…

Now my first failed disc in the 2TB version went through the RMA with no problem.

The only thing I want to warn about is that they are still selling a product where no spare parts are available and

the fact that I have had two drives failed at normal usage within twp years. Crappy quality… :frowning: