Replacing fan on My Cloud PR4100 - Error message received

An error message says “fan not working”. On the back of the outer case are three screws - one each side and one at the top. The cover is still on firmly after I take them out. Obviously there are other steps. Before I ruin this thing does anyone know how to remove thecase s i can get at the fan? Thanks.

If you haven’t done so already you may want to see the dedicated subforum for the OS5 Pro Series where people more familiar with the PR4100 and PR2100 may be able to assist.

OS5 Pro Series

And from the OS3 Pro Series subforum there is a number of past discussions on “fan not working” that may be relevant.

And the following WD Support Knowledgebase article is also relevant.

My Cloud Fan Not Working or Failure Alert Message

And finally, more discussions on “replace fan” with respect to My Cloud multi bay devices that have fans.

Thanks. Will do.

Thanks. Got it.