Replacing burned of/off switch

Hello. I am writing to you from the Vascon-Navarrese Country, Western Europe, so, please, excuse my English.

ISSUE: After a period of malfunctioning, the on / off switch of one of my beautiful G-Drives has burned. I don’t want to discard an effective and elegant hard drive just because its power switch has burned, but I can’t find a spare switch.

QUESTION: Can someone, please, give me any hint on how to find the switch I need?

TECH SPECS [I can access]:

  • 2 x 400 FW & 1 x USB 2.0 G-Drive.
  • Hard drive: Hitachi Deskstar HDP725050GLA360.
  • PCB: Oxford semiconductor OXUF934SSA - L OAG U073S SH1310.1.4.
  • On/off switch: 5 pin 4807B Ref.

Photos of the damaged drive:


Burned switch:

Thank you!