Replacing accessories

I own an older WD external hd. I can’t remember if its a 1TB or 2TB. In any event we have lost our a.c. power cable and the usb cable. I opened a help ticket…oh my goodness! So inefficient. This I would think would be a very easy solution…but NO! The product tag only lists a very sketchy serial number which I supplied. The responses I have gotten from WD have been from off shore and very difficult to communicate with. The initial response to my ticket provided a link to the necessary web site and product numbers required but the link doesn’t open properly. Why is this so hard?!

What product do your have, is it one of these ?

What is the link they provided you?

Maybe this will help with the power adapter

You should be able to find usb cables at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Frys or any place that sells computer products.

No. It was prior to the “Passport” line.

The web site was

@RockyA Did my update to my prior post giving you a link for power adapters help?

Yes. Do you have a suggestion for the replacement of the usb cable?? That would be awesome!

Look at the devices usb connection color and match it. See this article, .