Replacing 2 My Book external drives with My Cloud EX2

I am currently using 2 WD My Books (a 4TB and 5TB) external drives connected to my LGTV through USB cables to play or show various media files on my TV… Thing is, both drives are almost full… So I need more space.
I was wondering if I could replace both of My Books with the My Cloud EX2 with 16TB, and have the same capabilities, but based one 1 drive?
I can get one EX2 with 16TB on sale now, if it would work to replace both of those WD My Books.
Any one know if that would work?
My TV supports external drives, if they have their own power supply, so I’m hoping this would react the way.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: The WD My Books are external USB drives. The EX2 is a NAS unit (network attached storage). A usb drive connects to a “computer” (in this case your TV) so the computer can access files on the drive.

A NAS unit connects to your NETWORK (Via a network cable) so any computer on your network can access the drive. I suspect your TV cannot access network drives across a network… . . so. . .