Replacement Power Cables? (Elements "old style" Drives)

I’m probably going to be moving from the UK to the Netherlands and the plug there is different. The voltage is the same but the physical plug format isn’t. The available adapters would cause a huge block of “risk” stuck out of the sockets.

Is there someone I could speak to to try and get hold of some country specific replacements? I have 3 (1x1TB + 2x2TB) drives that work fine and it’d be a shame to have to spend £500 replacing them for the sake of the plug cables.


Have you tried the WD Online Store?

You can try contacting them direclty.

Contact WD Online Store.

if you have a power board like this …

then just buy a UK to Netherlands power adaptor

that’s the cheapest, easiest solution

Seems like a potential plan. They are all American ones in the site pics though. Maybe support…

I don’t mean to be funny but that’s exactly what I said I didn’t want.

It’s an ugly inelegant “solution” that leaves a block sticking out of the socket by a good 4 1/2 inches. This would be some ugly and so much of a risk of damage that i may as well throw the drives directly in a canal and cut out the electrical middleman.

I don’t give a monkey’s about the cost, I want it right, not cheap and stupid.

gee sorry :confused: … it was just a suggestion, no need to get narky about it

It’s nothing personal. I did say no adapters. I acknowledge you took the time though. I appreciate the intention.

i apologize, my mistake … i didn’t read it carefully enough, i better have my coffee first before replying first thing in the morning :slight_smile: