Replacement of WDTV Live Hubs with WDTV taking weeks

Hi all

I just wanted to post about my experiences with WD in terms of swapping out my faulty WDTV Live hub. 

I logged a call on the 16th October, as my drive was no longer playing file types it previously had. Tried firmware up and downgrades - no avail. So I shipped my unit on a standard RMA, with a next day courier. Arrives the day after before 1pm. 

Its now been three weeks - no replacement. They still havent acknowledged receipt on the portal, though the customer services do confirm that my proof of delivery is sufficient/ I have written to WD three times to try and get an ETA and, whilst their customer services are being very friendly, I am no closer to getting a replacement. I was told it was because it is so popular it hasn’t yet been replaced - I would have thought for a large multinational company, ensuring some spares were set aside for warranty replacements would make sense. 

I am aware that the issues in Thailand are also affecting WD, but I just wanted to post to say that anyone who is thinking of logging a warranty call for a Live Hub might want to brace themselves for a long wait.

Starting to get miffed…

I find this odd, what if you try to contact WD with the delivery tracking number? That has helped people with this problem before o.o

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Thanks for the reply - I had already provided a proof and they had acknowledged the POD. Thankfully have received a reply today stating that my hub ios being shipped, so all being well will have it back by next week!

There you go :slight_smile: