Replacement of power adapter taking more than 8 months

Hi I am having a WD my world book and  The power supply died sudenly. When calling WD support I was told to submit a written request and one would be sent when available. I did that and after several weeks of going back and forth with someone not able to understand English I was told I need to call support to get a replacement. I did this and was told a replacement would be sent right out. I called back three weeks later and was told I have to contact singapore support . That was in sep 201o. In Oct I started chasing up the replacement again and have sent more than 20 requests for an update. In Dec I received a message saying my messages went into the wrong queue and would be moved to the right one. I still cannot get any response.

every time they are giving me dated of sending the adaptor. please let me know what should i do and whom should i contact or how can i raise my issue to the higher authorities.



Where are you located at?

You may be able to get second level support involved and they may be able to rush this for you. 

Hello  sachin, so sorry you have to go through this, I have escalated your case to our warranty department.