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I have a MBLD 4GB setup in RAID1.  I want to pull one of the drives and put it somewhere safe and away from its current location as backup (e.g., at work instead of at home) and insert a new drive to start the rebuild.  I like to do this periodically (e.g., every three months).  Questions:

  1. What replacement drive can I buy?  Any WD Caviar Green 2TB SATA 6.0Gb/S drive?  

  2. What is the stock drive model #?

  3. Is this an advisable method to create a safe backup?

Thank you in  advance,


Don’t know if it’s just me but can’t help to ask… Why!?

The RAID is safe enough for the backup, pulling and putting drives might put a risk the whole setup.

I do know is user serviceable but definitely removing that often can eventually harm the unit.

If you decide to proceed,  make sure to check the drive model on the user interface and replace with a similar one

Good Luck with that… 

In case of a fire or if I get burglarized, I need to have a “physical” backup.  Most important data are obviously the photos…  I considered having a cloud solution (e.g., with Flickr) for the photo storage, but retrieval and upload are still too slow right now.

Sounds good then…

Go to //mybookliveduo and check the drives information

mostly caviar green drives on this unit but you need the same model…

For more info you can contact WD 

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