Replacement drive for Dell Optiplex GX270

The drive in this computer is only 80 GB.  I’d like to upgrade the drive to around 250 GB.  The model number of the drive I currently have is WD400BB-75FJA1.  I would appreciate it if someone could provide the model number of a replacement drive.  Thank you in advance. 

The current drive appears to be only 40 GB going by the model number you provided.

Whenever upgrading from a drive like this is good to make sure if the computer mother board will support a bigger capacity unit or if you need to upgrade the bios or motherboard.

After that you can look for one of our WD Blue drives.

Sorry John, you were correct about the size. Are there resources I can check online to find out if my motherboard is capable of handling a bigger drive?

I sure appreciate the responses.  The motherboard in my system is CN-0DG286-69861-3CQ-0439.  I am not sure how to check hard drive compatability using the part number.

You can go to the Dell support site here:

type in your service tag and see what drives are recommended for your system.

If they show Dell drives, you should be able to use a comparable WD drive.

I did that and the only alternative drive they showed was a solid state model for $550.

Well, your best bet then is to check the Dell forum to see if others have upgraded to larger drives on the same system or contact Dell support and see what the max drive size your system will accommodate.

I would say though, that since the SSD drive they show is a 256GB drive you should be able to go to that size with a HDD.

Coming from a Dell and still owning one, I know that it is not always easy to find info about what you can update those systems to.  It’s really something that you have to go to the source to find out.

Thank you very much.