Replaced drive reporting massive amount of BS

My first post, so hello everyone!

on Tue 30th of August I’ve received my HDD WD10EARS from WD as the one before went down. Now, after less than two weeks drive is reporting over 65k of pending sectors count :open_mouth: I’ve tried to zero-write the drive to remap those sectors but whole system is freezing. IMHO this my indicate general failure :frowning:

What should I do in this case? Create a new RMA or call WD and demand sending a new drive as I can’t afford another week of waiting (or two even). On last accident I’ve lost 3 years of data because my main and backup drive went completety down. For real, I’m pretty mad now…

Contact Tech support in this regards, they should be able to help you right way:

To Contact WD for Technical Support