Replaced 640gb with 2T and only see 640gb... What's going on?

My media PC gave me the BSoD with a stop code that the WD6400AAKS was toast yesterday. It would not boot or repair so I pulled a brand new Element external I had sitting around apart and was pleasantly surprised to find a WD2001FASS in there.  Swapped it in, ran repair and image disk and now it’s up and running win7 sp1… but only showing 640gb.

Right click computer shows 640, device manager volumes shows 1907728mb capacity with 2 volumes, C: 600523mb, D: 9954mb, and 1297251mb unallocated space… Kind of there, but not showing up. Any ideas?

OT: plugged the 640 into the elements board and ran lifeguard diagnostic and got too many bad sector errors to even run. 

Win 7 SP1 

Foxconn GM33M05 Gateway OEM MB

intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

6gb ram installed with 3 1/2 used with 32bit 

Using Disk Manager you can either resize existing partition(s) or create new NTFS partition on unallocated space. Drive cloning can create unnecessary issues like yours if you don’t understand drive cloning options correctly.

Make sure not touch 100MB partition on the system drive. if you delete that, system will not boot.

You can RMA your older drive if it is still under warranty.