Replace WD MyBook Studio II case


I have a WD MyBook Studio II 2TB, which i’m using with Windows and which is configured for RAID 1 because the data on it is important for me.

Now the Disk stopped working. When I tried to plug it in my computer (using USB) today, nothing happened, the computer doesn’t recognize that a USB Device was inserted (the white light of the disk was glowing then though, but whether i plugged or unplugged it didn’t change something about the glowing of the light). I tried it on other computers with the same result.

I then pushed the standby button on the back of the disk for several seconds, until the white light stopped glowing. Ever since i cannot start the drive anymore (neither the white light will turn on, nor the disks will start spinning).

Due to the nature of the malfunctioning I assume that the internal disks and my Data is still ok and only the case is broken.

My question is: assuming the internal disks are still ok, can I simply get an empty replacement WD Mybook Studio II, put the disks in there and it will run fine? If the new case is configured differently (for example RAID 0), will this break my data?

The Data is at the moment my most important concern - getting a replacement under warranty is less important.


You can recover the data by connecting the drive to your computer. Getting another enclosure? mmm good luck with that. 

Remember that enclosure has an specific firmware that works with this drives. You can also try using a different usb enclosure or sata to usb cable. 

If your only concerned about your data get professional assistance to retrieve your files.