Repeatable bug: EX4 iSCSI mounted on Windows 10 unable to delete file (filename contains special characters)

I was copying files from one USB drive to the iSCSI drive residing in my EX4 and one of the files contained strange characters in the file name. I am unable to delete it from my windows 10 PC.

I get a Windows dialog box that appears like this:

However, if I copy the same file to the the C: drive, I am able to delete it via Windows Explorer.
If I copy it to the C: drive and the back to the iSCSI drive on my EX4, then this new copy also can not be deleted.

So the inability to delete this file only occurs on the EX4.

I have 7-zipped this file here and have been able to repeat this issue. Note that this file contains 0 bytes, the issue it totally in the filename:
(Originally it contained a message but I deleted all the bites in this file)

Who can be told about this so that the bug in the EX4 firmware can be eliminated?